2016: Why a blog – reader manual

Begins the month of April 2016 and my resolution to make this blog alive.

I have realised with the help of good friends and coaches that proper articles could never be replaced, despite the overwhelming social media presence in our lives today. At the end of the day, no Facebook post or Vlog could convey my ideas as good as a blog, even though this format will only cater to those patient souls who will make and take the time to go through it.

My aim with this blog is to share the ideas and concepts I encounter in my own journey about “movement”, which is a term I don’t like using too much anymore for reasons I will go into later. As such I hope to give some pieces of advice and inspiration to the readers that will save them some time in their own journey, just as stumbling upon the right blogs and books did serve as a catalyst in my own progression.

Articles will be divided into categories to facilitate your browsing, depending on what you are looking for. Editorials are subjective posts where I offer my humble opinion on a variety of topics. Tutorials are as you guessed step by step articles designed to guide you through the learning of movements, designed according to my own philosophy of teaching. General tips are wider lifestyle tips that any mover from any background could inspire themselves from. Last but not least, Knowledge posts are longer, denser articles that focus on anatomy research and biomechanics. As such, please remember that anatomy and the study of biomechanics are actually way more polirazing fields than one might think. You will find experts with very different opinions on many things you would take for granted. Is the cartilage inervated? How to correct a collapsed ankle? Should you mobilize or not the injured spine? At the end of the day… we don’t have all the answers. What I am offering here is the summary of the knowledge I have gathered through my own research and the many workshops I’ve attended. It is designed to give you perspective, not a single source of pure truth.

Mindfully yours,



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